Joseph E. Greenberg, Founder and Chairman of the Board


Joe is the Principal of Lehman Alternative Community School, a nationally renowned public alternative school in Ithaca, NY. Joe has over 15 years of experience in teaching and school leadership, including co-founding a progressive high school in the mid-1990s. Joe is actively involved with state and national organizations that focus on comprehensive school reform.

David Furber, Chief Technology Officer


David is a Ruby on Rails expert with over a decade of web application development experience, including the design of eCornell’s former learning management system. As a lead engineer for GORGES, one of upstate New York’s largest web development firms, David helped design and build numerous web applications for regional as well as national and international firms, including Richemont Corporation, Revolution Health Group, and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. David holds a PhD in History from SUNY-Buffalo.

Lee Kaltman, Co-Founder and Board Member


Lee is a former financial advisor for Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter, business development manager, and real estate investor. In 2003, Lee retired from financially-driven pursuits to pursue his passion for education and has spent the last decade as a progressive practitioner.